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16 Open thread: Are you brave enough to be curious?
9 Open thread: Giving up on being perfect
3 Open thread: Room for learning
26 Open Thread: Words create worlds
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4 Are we obsessed with children’s interests? No, we’re not.
7 Open thread: The psychology of parental control
30 Small Wins Wednesday: Clay class
7 I’m here to disrupt your school
6 No one’s going to DIY that for you, sweetheart
27 Does what I do make a difference to anybody?
2 Maker win: Blythe’s 3D-printed light-up dog collar
29 Why “do what you love” is not terrible advice
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28 Reading and gender and the messages we send
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25 Small Wins Wednesday: The academics of play
6 More thoughts on dismissing children’s interests and ideas
5 Trust, respect, and attention: How not to diminish your child’s true self
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16 It’s my birthday and I have presents for you
13 Small Wins Wednesday: Becoming specialists
6 Small Wins Wednesday: The power of documenting
2 What I’ve been reading: The ROI of meaningful work
30 Small Wins Wednesday: Mentoring a mentor
25 What I’ve been reading: The path to Good Work is paved with passion and hope
23 Small Wins Wednesday: Great kid mentors
28 What I’ve been reading: Deeper learning and moving past education as job placement
26 Small Wins Wednesday: Conquering Fears and Making a Difference
21 What I’ve been reading: The kickback again passion and grit and why they both still matter
19 Small Wins Wednesday: Sewing with Kids and Not Taking Over
14 What I’ve been reading
12 Small Wins Wednesday: Authentic writing
10 Kindle matchbook: Project-Based Homeschooling
7 What I’ve been reading
5 Small Wins Wednesday: Every day is a step in the right direction
28 What I’ve been reading
26 Small Wins Wednesday: Observational drawing
21 Friday picks
19 How to save a child’s love of learning in one easy step
17 How to destroy a child’s love of learning in 15 easy steps
11 Friday Picks
8 Job crafting: Passion matters after all
8 Five ways to find more time for the things that matter
17 Keeping the ho ho ho in holiday
9 Sometimes you’re George and sometimes you’re Harry: A holiday tale
3 Giving meaning to those educational buzzwords
19 Permission to be yourself
8 Friday link round-up
4 What’s wrong with DIY/Maker Faire/hacking/tinkering for kids — and how we can make it better
28 The only invitation children need to play is time
25 Launching: PBH Tip Sheet
28 Friday link round-up
20 Friday link round-up
9 Self-directed learning: the neglected subject?
19 Boredom: The Lazy Parent’s Strategy for Inspiring Creativity
14 PBH master class enrolling two new sessions starting tomorrow
29 How to Mentor a Kid with Big (Possibly Unrealistic) Dreams
3 The intellectual benefits of the real old-fashioned summer
26 Ten ways to help your kids pick themselves
24 Pick yourself — even if the team wants you
21 Friday link round-up
19 Registration now filled for the PBH Master Class!
14 Friday link round-up + announcement
10 Five ways to stop unschooling attrition
8 Friday link round-up + updated PBH group guide
30 What to do if you hate your child’s interest
28 Abundance and sharing: How children learn to be generous
25 Friday link round-up
23 Parenting with abundance and simplicity
18 Parenting with abundance vs. scarcity
17 Friday link round-up
15 The Sliver, or How to stop fighting about screen time
3 Friday link round-up
26 Friday link round-up: Do your actions align with your passions and goals?
22 Share your goals or keep them to yourself?
19 New PBH Kids blog + Friday link round-up
16 How to believe in yourself
12 Friday link round-up: Project-Based Learning and PBH in action
9 How to give without being taken advantage of
5 “How to Start a Project Group” + Friday Link Round-Up
29 Friday link round-up
25 Getting support from family and friends
22 Friday link round-up
18 The Introvert’s Guide to Building Community
15 Friday link round-up
11 Renovating your brain: building new habits of mind
10 Imagine more, not less
8 Friday link round-up
6 Part 2 of my interview at Mama of Letters
4 Stop preshrinking your opportunities
4 Interview at Mama of Letters
1 Friday link round-up
25 The non-extreme path toward success
22 Friday link round-up
18 Dealing with haters
15 Friday link round-up
12 What soul-withering cold-calling taught me about positivity
11 Finding the true path to happiness
8 Friday link round-up
4 Learning to focus, lesson 1: Narrowing down your interests
4 How to find your passion and your meaningful work
1 Friday link round-up
31 Superficial
28 Stacking the deck in your favor
24 Friday link round-up
23 It’s not enough to be smart
21 Getting out of your own way
18 Friday link round-up
14 Creating a supportive environment
11 Friday link round-up
9 TV on DVD and the importance of immersive experiences
7 Learning to use the time you have
4 Friday link round-up (and news!)
31 Think about what you did right this year
21 Friday link round-up
20 Deciding to live the life you imagine
8 Educational goals and long-term thinking
7 Friday link round-up
3 You are the best predictor of your child’s future life
30 Friday link round-up
23 Interview on the Family Lab for Inquiry and Play
18 Interview on Interest-Led Learning
15 Critique with children
13 How to do what you love
5 Why skills don’t trump passion
29 Abilities vs. activities: Why children need authentic art
21 Perseverance and grit vs. knowing when to quit
16 Teaching perseverance and grit
16 Project-Based Homeschooling book now on the Kindle
14 guest post on Rhythm of the Home: making a felt board
2 Raising a person who will love what they do now — and later
29 What children want vs. what children need
22 The myth of the reluctant learner
15 How to tell if you’re bad at collaborating
13 Parent-child learning conferences: helping children set their own learning goals
10 Project-based homeschooling curriculum
4 Open thread!
2 You have to keep up the rhythm
1 Giving them everything
30 Do your children have time to develop creativity?
28 Do less stuff
26 Ask your library to buy Project-Based Homeschooling!
26 Give them what they need to thrive, then get out of the way
24 A license to pursue your dreams
22 It starts with something meaningful to accomplish
21 Protected time
19 Is creativity jumping the shark?
18 Collaboration vs. competition
17 Test scores vs. creativity and entrepreneurship
16 From the forum: Project work with a 3-year-old
16 Book sale: paperback 28% off on Amazon
13 Creating the circumstances in which authentic learning can happen: the power of dedicated project time
9 Time is a choice — and a currency
7 If you want to discover something other people haven’t
5 What does learning look like?
3 Video games can actually give you ideas
1 They know what to do
29 Project-Based Homeschooling, the book
10 “I discovered that the library is the real school”
10 Take them for what they are
2 A good resolution
30 Resolutions get a bad rap
20 Raising entrepreneurs: Making things happen
18 What you risk
16 Steven Johnson: The anatomy of an idea
16 Timeline
15 Fear is good
14 Living in an age of innovation and uncertainty
7 Holiday resolutions
4 Raising entrepreneurs: Risk tolerance
1 Financial literacy: Allowances
1 Financial literacy: Books
30 Raising entrepreneurs: Financial literacy
29 Raising entrepreneurs
29 Why aren’t we teaching them how to own?
28 The rise of the creative class
23 Homeschooling entrepreneurs
23 The crush toward the middle
22 Academics vs. real-world results
18 Open thread
17 It takes energy to conform
16 Define yourself
15 Design the life you want
14 Four ways to make a change
13 The quality of the journey
12 Who needs it most?
11 Open thread
10 Trusting the process — trusting the child
9 Put down that iPhone and get in the cage
8 Why I don’t worry about my kids’ screen time, Part 2
7 Why I don’t worry about my kids’ screen time, Part 1
7 Novelty is good
5 Today = tomorrow = your whole life
4 The smartest, most glorious way to do anything
3 Time to be themselves
2 It takes time to really learn
1 I'm here and I'm blogging for 30 days in a row
30 Playing with the world
27 My kind of curriculum
23 Help us, Obi Wan
19 We’re living in the future
17 Capacity for wonder — check
15 Conversation about character
9 This skewed system
6 Safe but ultimately doomed
31 Whenever you want to achieve
31 Learning from a position of strength
26 Let them challenge themselves
25 Tinkering
25 The familiar, shrinking half-life of education
23 When you add it all up, you’re ready
20 The best reason
18 Equal players
14 What learning can be
13 In a time of change
10 A misconception of what creativity is
9 Experimenting
8 Irreparably broken … but hard to leave
7 Invent, adapt, and reinvent
5 To kill creativity, simply restrict freedom
5 When they make
14 A recipe for educational mediocrity
10 Redshirting
6 Happy and imperfect
3 Sharing the power
31 What people call learning
29 Open thread
27 Makedo
25 Mapping their journey
21 Open thread
18 Interesting
10 Resolution 5 - Quit
8 Open thread
7 Resolution 4 - Use the upward spiral
5 Resolution 3 - Take real baby steps
4 Resolution 2 - Break it down
3 Resolution 1 - It’s not all or nothing
9 Open thread
4 Empowering others to invent
1 Open thread
23 Creating an encouraging workspace
14 A work of one’s own
13 Third-day syndrome
16 How to be alone
13 Advice for active journaling
6 Open thread
3 The reward for learning should be learning
2 Conscious of our treasures
29 Do it now
27 Action generates inspiration
23 Open thread
20 Valedictorian against schooling
20 Losing our ability to strike a balance
19 False sense of getting things “done”
16 Open thread
15 Quiet moments, in the loudness of time
13 Curating their experience
9 Stealing the discovery away
8 Real “hands-on” learning
4 Developing your own ideas
1 Inspiration overload
28 Attention is a finite resource
6 A little bit from here, a little bit from there
5 If only we could pick out the good of both
3 Distorted priorities
23 Life-ready education
17 School as employee training
16 Let’s compete
12 A precious gift
7 PreK drop-outs
27 Skills are nice, but give them time to develop creativity
16 Do
15 The hardest thing
13 Open thread
10 Passion requires autonomy
10 What really changes our beliefs
9 Not that ironic
7 Designed to raise children, not test scores
25 Documenting children’s work: pre-project
20 Limits can be so ... limiting
8 In defense of reading ... which should need no defense
7 Goals and plans
2 Goals, goals, goals: Expectations vs. reality
1 Reflection and planning
7 Teenagers
4 Open thread
26 Open thread
21 Keeping the cart behind the horse
19 Open thread
5 Open thread
5 Grit
3 Open thread
29 Our willingness to reimagine
26 Open thread
17 Teaching kids to hate reading
12 Open thread
8 The qualities of play
6 Open thread
4 Same obsession, new disguise?
1 Empty hours
29 Open thread: Less advocacy, more action
27 The only thing that matters
23 Open thread: Let’s not block their view
16 Open thread
12 Imagination on demand
8 Open thread
4 Race to the finish
1 Open thread
24 Open thread
22 Wreck this journal
21 Sketchbooks in schools
17 Open thread
14 Getting back on track
10 Open thread
8 Sketching together
6 New work area
4 Open thread
4 Their trueness can surface
3 Interview at global mama
1 Cheating your way to a great education
30 Free choice
27 Open thread
26 Holistic learning, continued
25 Holistic learning
24 Nurturing individuality
23 It must be your life
20 Open thread
13 Open thread
11 One idea: Cultivating curiosity
6 Open thread
3 Making space for their ideas
27 Open thread
20 Open thread
16 Conformity strangles creativity
13 Open thread
11 The perfect homeschool curriculum
6 Open thread
5 Helpless vs. mastery-oriented
5 What is school for?
4 Prerequisites for happiness
30 Open thread
27 Art lesson: Handcarved stamp
23 Open thread: Motivation
21 Learning for a new world
16 Open thread
16 Taking time to look
15 White space as a learning tool
15 Golden hours
13 White space
12 Teacher effects
9 Open thread: Friday + Saturday
5 “Outliers” and homeschooling
2 Open thread Friday + Saturday
1 The courage to make a fresh start
29 Intense interests as gateways
29 If you build it they will come
27 Homeschooling infrastructure
25 Merry Christmas
21 Open thread Sunday + Monday
17 The value of hard work
16 The importance of meaningful work
12 Building
11 The value of work
9 Ten tips for reluctant readers
8 Homeschooling autodidacts
7 My holiday wish for you
6 Open thread Saturday
5 A happy mood, Part 2
5 A happy mood
4 The necessity of diversity
2 Checklist for learning
2 Project-based homeschooling: Planning
1 Accidental learning
29 Open thread Saturday
28 Cultivate healthy skepticism
26 Should I homeschool?
25 Creators of new ideas
24 Points of entry
22 Open thread Saturday
20 Prejudices
20 Excerpt: Expecting too much
19 Still thinking about self-esteem
17 Authentic self-esteem
15 Open thread Saturday
13 Mistakes are valuable
12 Mistakes are good
11 Getting beyond the surface of learning
10 Independent ideas out of actual experience
8 Open thread Saturday
7 Who decides what you can and cannot do?
5 Surprised and enthusiastic
3 Inside my project journal
2 A sample provocation
1 Who owns the work?
31 Provoking investigation
30 The work/fun conundrum
29 Curriculum of curiosity
28 Image-makers and knowledge-builders
27 Homeschooling toddlers and preschoolers
26 The youngest learners
24 Birds in his head
24 Celebrating the individual
23 Different is good
23 The freedom of the mind
23 Homework bribery & deal-breaking
22 Cat project
21 I am the boss of you
21 No child left inside
20 Minimally invasive education
20 Strong, capable, resourceful
19 Image of the child
18 What do students want?
17 Art history journal
17 Paper people by Rosa
17 Creative players of childhood
15 Fostering independence
15 Helping pre-readers research
14 Project journal — parent’s
11 Leave room for learning
10 A hundred languages
9 Getting beyond the learning moment
8 Watercolor prints
7 Paradoxes
6 Parent/teacher as co-learner
5 Assessing project learning
4 PBH: How to start
3 Reinvent the wheel
2 Project-based homeschooling
2 Traveling light
1 How long is a project?
20 Inspiring children’s rooms
9 Control issues
30 Play
27 We homeschoolers
5 Flood
2 Spring
6 Reggio and kinesthetic learners
26 When does your homeschool year end?
20 Nature journals: Observational painting
20 Nature journals: Get closer to wildlife at the nature center
20 Nature journals: Drawing outdoors
19 Alice's field bag and pencil case
16 Art lesson: Watercolor techniques
16 Project-based learning: A teacher’s perspective
12 Make a field bag from recycled clothing
10 Nature journaling: supplies
29 Art lesson: Nature journal
27 Sharing our work
19 Sharing our work
18 Confidence issues and the young artist
17 Drawing with your children, continued
10 Drawing with your children
8 Visiting the museum with children
7 Perfectionism and praise
1 Art lesson: Contour drawing
29 Displaying children's art
25 Art lesson: Wire sculpture, part 1
24 Art lesson: Free exploration/ working purposefully
20 Observational drawing: Where do we go from here?
18 Observational drawing: Musical instruments
16 Sharing our work: Observational drawings
15 Art lesson: Blind contour drawing
15 Observational drawing with young children: tips
13 Benefits of observational drawing
10 Art lesson: Observational drawing
3 Golden Book of Birds
2 Michelle's sweater apron tutorial
28 Jordi Ferrerio
27 Children Make Sculpture
10 In the studio: Works in progress
9 In the studio: Storing recyclables
4 5 dangerous things
28 Great holiday books for kids: holiday favorites
27 Great holiday books for kids: read-alouds
26 Great holiday books for kids
25 Tutorial: CD envelope
24 Keeping it holly & jolly
23 Beautiful holiday book: Letters from Father Christmas
22 In the studio: Free for the taking
21 In the studio: Advanced inventory
21 In the studio: Basic inventory
19 Holiday gift ideas for your child artist
19 Priorities
16 Holiday resolutions
15 In the studio: Rationing art supplies, part 2
14 In the studio: Rationing art supplies, part 1
12 Reading
10 Comics project: Writing
7 Cardboard dollhouse
7 Adventures in wire continue
6 Children's book beauty
5 Another homemade dollhouse
5 beautiful kid space
4 In the dollhouse
3 Terrariums
30 Questions
30 Mentoring the perfectionist child
29 Working with wire
29 The relentless learner
28 Projects and the intractable child
27 Beautiful book week: a hole is to dig
26 Comics project: Extending ideas
25 Jack's comic: Ghosts
24 Beautiful book week: Maira Kalman
23 Beautiful book week: Home
23 Armatures
21 Comics project: Questions
20 A little more Eric Carle
19 Book review: Artist to artist
19 Comics project: Inquiry-based learning
17 Reuse, then recycle
15 Comics project: Supporting investigation
15 Comics project: Recognizing a strong interest
11 Project-based homeschooling: Choosing a topic
8 Project-based homeschooling, part 2
7 Project-based homeschooling, part 1
4 Project: Tepee
4 Excerpt: The Once and Future King
3 Children’s art studio
1 Kids and photography
27 In praise of high-quality art materials
4 Reading nooks
2 The art of organization
30 A writing place
25 Mirrored shelves
24 Weave it to me
23 How to Build a clay table