Beautiful book week: a hole is to dig

Published by Lori Pickert on October 27, 2007 at 01:10 AM


I'm trying for another one that maybe isn't as well known: A Hole is to Dig: A First Book of First Definitions.

This is one of my absolute favorite children's books. It makes a wonderful present. It is as enjoyable for grown-ups as for kids. It's illustrated by Maurice Sendak (who needs no introduction) and written by Ruth Krauss (whose carrot you probably remember).

It can magically cheer you out of any small- to medium-size funk.

I love this beautiful book.



Comment by Molly on October 27, 2007 at 03:23 AM

I enthusiastically agree. My Mom picked this up at a library sale years ago. I always read it to the kids when we visit at bedtime, even though they are old enough to read it themselves, there's something about the matter-of-fact statements that makes them chuckle and snuggle in closer. A favorite!

Comment by Lori Pickert on October 27, 2007 at 01:02 PM

some children's books try for "simple" and hit "dull". this one is so simple, so charming, so lovely. i love a book you can read over and over again without dimming its appeal!

Comment by meg on October 27, 2007 at 02:11 PM

ahhhh! an all-time favorite of mine, too!! i was going to post it on monday - how funny is that?

Comment by Lori Pickert on October 28, 2007 at 02:46 AM

ha! i beat you to it! :^)

this is one of those magical books that, for whatever reason, i always get to introduce people to -- they've never heard of it. and i love it so much.

meg, we have much in common...

Comment by molly on October 28, 2007 at 06:45 PM

What a collaboration. I haven't seen this book before, but it looks like a favorite in the making. I love Maurice Sendack's illustrations. Crocket Johnson's too. I just recently found a copy of The Carrot Seed for our own library. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful books this week.

Comment by Lori Pickert on October 28, 2007 at 09:47 PM

thank you, molly! :^) it was abby's idea, of course.

but i love it, and i want to do it again!

Comment by molly on October 29, 2007 at 02:27 AM

one of my absolute faves, too!

Comment by Lori Pickert on October 29, 2007 at 04:40 PM

okay, okay, lol, i accept that this isn't such an obscure book! :^) but i really have shown it to a lot of people who didn't know about it! really!

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