If only we could pick out the good of both

Published by Lori Pickert on April 5, 2010 at 07:16 PM

I have found that if a student is reading it doesn't make any difference whether it’s classwork or not, but if he’s reading, he’s going to be all right. 

They learn from each other.

Yes, definitely. We learn from meeting each other and contact with people and so do youngsters. Youngsters, of course, pick up that kind of thing much faster than adults do, too.

You mentioned something about education cycle. Could you tell us more about it?

Back in something like ’25 there was quite a change going on right then with the letters. Up to that time they had just taught the letter, learn your letters first. And then they’d start phonics. They started using that in the last days of teacher training in the high schools. They got away from the old learning the alphabet, see, and then they started teaching phonics. Do you know we’ve passed about forty years in that or thirty-five at least and that trend came right back. This educational whirl runs in cycles and when the pendulum swings, it’ll swing too far to one side. If only we could pick out the good of both and put them together ....

This new math is like the phonics?

Yeah, that’s what I had in mind.

I guess you’re aware of the fact that a lot of teachers and a lot of school theorists, are coming around to the point of view that the one-room school house is in fact the best way of educating kids and are now in the process of coming back to the one-room school concept. Maybe we here in the Ozarks have recognized the value of the one-room school and kept it because we felt it was the best way to teach. Or maybe we’re so old-fashioned that we are almost “modern”?

interview with Mr. Hollen Mott, who taught in rural one-room schools for 38 years, published in Bittersweet magazine, Fall 1973

Homeschooling has a lot in common with the one-room schoolhouse.

I also enjoyed Teacher’s Plan Book. My plan makes room for games, too.

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this wasn’t the post i had planned for next .. but i wanted to share it .. and it isn’t cranky. i’m still writing the other and will post it later in the week. our country internet has been wonky.

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