Leveling up

Are you ready to level up your practice?

You might consider taking the PBH Master Class, which digs deeper into the foundational ideas of PBH.

If you need help focusing, building new habits, or getting back on track after a lapse, you might want to sign up for the inexpensive PBH Tip Sheet. You can opt in and out at any time and it’s only 5 bucks a month for a weekly e-mail that will help you stay centered on your goals.

Check out the books listed in our resources [link to come] to learn more about Reggio-inspired learning, project-based learning, and more.

Join the forum and set a goal for yourself for the upcoming month — we have a monthly thread in which members cheer each other on. If you have an idea of an area you would like to delve into more deeply, start a thread and maybe some other PBHers will join you.

Want to know more about inquiry-based and collaborative learning? Check out the free online workshops at thirteen.org.