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PBH Master Class Enrolling Now!

Published by Lori Pickert on August 15, 2016 at 08:48 AM

We are enrolling a new session of the PBH Master Class starting today.

We won’t be having another class until spring 2017!

Class will run from September 5 through October 15 (six weeks) and costs $175.

You can read a detailed class description and student testimonials here.

We’ve already done early-bird enrollment so space is limited!

If the timing isn’t right for you, you can join the early-bird announcement list for the next class.

Thank you, and please feel free to e-mail me with any questions! Hope you can join us! :"D)

PBH Master Class enrolling now!

Published by Lori Pickert on August 14, 2014 at 07:59 AM

We are now enrolling the fall session of the PBH master class. It will run for six weeks from September 8 through October 17 and costs $125. Please go here to read the class description, testimonials from former students, and enroll if you are interested!

I probably won’t schedule another master class until sometime next spring (April/May). If you can’t join us this time, you can join the early-bird announcement list for that class.

Thank you and I hope we get to work together!

After rereading the last two emails, I have to tell you how remarkable this class is. My growth is measured in leaps and bounds already. I am in the midst of completely evolving our home education. Life learning has ever been my goal. Thank you for the tools. — Stephanie

• • •

I feel so much more confident and hopeful and like I am making progress and moving forward after taking the PBH Master Class. This is the ultimate “How To” with an amazing mentor by your side. — Alice

• • •

This class is outstanding. It takes the PBH principles and ideas from Lori’s book and blog and helps you make them real. Real, authentic learning and co-learning, journaling, reflecting, deep thinking, self-directing, culture-building, environment-tweaking, mentoring, creating, making, and doing. The class really drove home for me how flexible and forgiving, yet sturdy and hearty, PBH is. It has helped me commit to my own meaningful work and to begin creating habits, a family culture, and an environment that will help my kids do the same. — Tana

• • •

The class was so much more and better than what I had even hoped for and wished to gain. — Audra

Read more testimonials here.


It’s my birthday and I have presents for you

Published by Lori Pickert on May 16, 2014 at 09:08 AM

A birthday banner made of original comic strips!

• • •

It’s my birthday and I want to give you a present!

This summer I’m going to teach a series of free one-week classes — and today you can sign up!

Free Summer Classes 2014

#1: Journaling Boot & Reboot — June 15-21

Whether you want to journal about PBH, your own meaningful work, start a gratitude habit, or gain insight into your values and goals, you can use this free one-week class to jumpstart a great practice for this summer and beyond. This class is for you but we’ll also talk about how to inspire kids to journal and the best way to support and encourage them while letting them own the process and do it their own way. Sign up here!

Stay tuned for announcements of more classes as summer goes on! (To make sure you don’t miss anything, join our e-mail list!)

I give because I love. <3_<3
(If you want to give ME a present, please consider reviewing my book on Amazon! Other than a hug and a really big cake, that’s all I want. And I already have the cake.)
Read more about the free classes here — and keep checking back as we update!

Brief announcement!

We’re getting ready to enroll the next two sessions of the PBH master class; one will start August 26 and one September 30 (they run for six weeks).

Everyone who signed up for the early bird announcement should have received an e-mail from me today (Wednesday). If you have gmail, remember that my e-mails might be languishing in your “Promotions” tab.

Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. central we’ll start enrolling the early birds, then if there is still room, we’ll open up enrollment to everyone else on Friday at 10:00 a.m.

You can read the full class description and testimonials from students who took the first class here.

After these two sessions are filled, we’ll start a new early bird list for people interested in taking the class next Spring.

Thank you!

Registration now filled for the PBH Master Class!

Published by Lori Pickert on June 19, 2013 at 09:07 AM

Update: Enrollment is now full. Please see below to sign up for an early beat-the-crowd e-mail announcement when the next class is scheduled.

Today we are opening registration for the PBH Master Class — a six-week-long e-course designed to help you dig deeply into the big ideas of mentoring and self-directed learning and put those ideas into action.

Full description of the class:

In this six-week class, we’ll be drilling down deeper into the core ideas of mentoring and self-directed learning and helping you put those ideas into immediate practice.

Each week you’ll get a batch of new material I’ve written specifically for this course along with a couple of simple suggestions or assignments. We’ll be experimenting with making small but impactful changes. We’ll focus not only on learning how to mentor our children, but on how to apply the same principles to our own lives.

I will be giving reading assignments, so please purchase a copy of the book before class begins or borrow a copy from your library or a friend. We will not be reading the book straight through, so if possible, please do that before class begins.

This class is not only for homeschoolers — it is for any parent or teacher who is interested in supporting children’s interests and helping them become active thinkers, learners, makers, and doers.

If you do homeschool, it doesn’t matter what approach you follow — PBH works with every type of homeschooling as well as unschooling. Everyone is welcome.

This is a community-based class. You’ll have the opportunity to make some like-minded friends who have the same goals and values for learning and supporting children. The private forum where participants and I will talk about each week’s focus and share questions, ideas, and issues will remain after the class ends so you can stay in touch with your cohort and keep learning together and supporting one another in the future.

The six focus areas of this class will be:

• Documenting & journaling

• Uncovering interests & choosing topics

• Maximizing your environment

• Building the making habit

• Defining your family culture

• Leveling up: How to maximize every learning experience

There is no session schedule you must adhere to for this class. The materials will be e-mailed to you regularly across the six weeks, but you can read them and access the forum whenever it works best for you. If you are traveling during that time, you can resume when you return and work your way through the materials at your own pace. The forum will stay available after the last class date so you can continue to get online feedback, support, and encouragement.

Enrollment is now full. Thank you!