Part 2 of my interview at Mama of Letters

Published by Lori Pickert on March 6, 2013 at 07:47 AM

More deep questions about Project-Based Homeschooling at Shelli’s blog this morning — be sure to check it out.

Shelli: As I read your book, I could see that it’s very important for children to be able to present their findings to some kind of audience. While my six-year-old is happy to show his creations — for example, the model of the Titanic — to anyone who wants to see them, neither does he want to explain what he has learned about the Titanic, nor does he want to put it in book form, charts, puppet shows, or anything else. (And, yes, I have written his questions and progress in a journal, and I have asked him what else he would like to do, etc.) Is this just his age, and can I assume that as he gets older, he’ll want to go farther with his projects? Is the model of the Titanic enough because he has decided it’s enough? How do I encourage him to share his knowledge?

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