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The only way to prepare for social life is to engage in social life. To form habits of social usefulness and serviceableness apart from any direct social need and motive, apart from any existing social situation, is, to the letter, teaching the child to swim by going through motions outside of the water. John Dewey, Moral Principles In Education


Find like-minded friends for community and support.

Join the forum!

I’ve really been blown away by the richness of [the] blog and forum.

This forum is amazing.

[There’s] a great forum, not a boring old “look how wonderful we are” forum, but a really inspiring one full of practical ideas for implementing project-based learning.

I love how through this group I can see myself making progress as I work through each of my concerns and challenges. So glad it exists!!!!

Feeling armed with so much goodness from this forum…

It’s nice to know I’m not alone with my fears and mistakes. Thanks for commiserating with me. I don’t know anyone personally who does pbh or even unschooling, so this forum is it and i really do appreciate the feedback and support. I would have given up long ago without it.

I love it here.

Make friends on twitter — if you tweet about your children’s projects, add the hashtag #pbh. (Also look for #pbhdrawingclass and #pbhjournalclass.)

Check out our PBH facebook group. (And we also have a group for teens!)

Check out blogs and PBH-related posts written by PBHer — many posts are shared in the forum in the thread “I blogged today.”

Are you writing about PBH on your blog? Let me know!

In the forum, check the Project Groups and Meet-ups section and look for families (or an existing co-op or group) doing PBH in your area.

If you can’t find community, you can always build it.…

Start a project group. Add it to our list of existing groups. [link to come]

Check out our Introvert’s Guide to Building Community. (It’s not just for introverts!)

Share some project work on PBH Kids.

Join a cohort taking the PBH Master Class.

Finally, don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I’m here for you!